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A Parent's Unconditional Love During Valentine's Day

Dear Core-Geous,

I have a confession to make. I'm having a hard time these days. Getting out of bed every morning is a struggle, and I guess my clients are feeling the same way. You know what though? No matter how much I'd love to call it a day, financial obligations have to be met, kids have to be prepped for school, meals have to be prepared, laundry requires folding and my business needs me.

To make matters worse, I caught a cold over the weekend. I laid miserably on my living room sofa under a blanket, staring at the rain drip drip drip outside my window. My only wish was for my mommy, who lives in Canada. I am in Europe. Do the math. Lucky me, my 8-year old crawled by side (she was sick too), and wrapped her arms around me. For a while, we held each other. My heart filled up with this soothing and bottomless emotion called Love. And I said to myself: "This is worth being sick". Like most mortals, I find balancing career and parenting, without the extra help, stressful, challenging, and these days, exhausting. I realise that I I never pause and acknowledge how much being a mommy brings me joy. This sweet unconditional love that make everything feel instantly good. As my eldest's body and mine fused together as one, like the very first time we met, I whispered a silent "thank you". Thank you Mommy (and Daddy) for bringing me into this world. Thank you my beloved for partnering with me. But most of all, thank you to my little ones for teaching me to love, love, and love again endlessly.

Happy Valentine to you all,


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