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Perfect Xmas Gift for the Active Gal : My New Gazelle Bicycle

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Yes, it is finally that time of the year. Frankly, if you are like me, it is getting harder getting up in the morning when the skies are an ash grey hue and it is night fall by the time you pick up your kids from school. December is all about #selfreward and #selflove. You heard me! Christmas season is when you #treatyourself because you are such a fantastic person in 2018, and are inspired to be a better person in 2019.

I have been putting off replacing my old 3-gear bike for years. Excuses such as "well the bike still runs" or "you going to blow some serious cash on a BIKE?" plagued my mind for months. This kind of thinking had to stop. I love biking in Berlin. I bike everywhere, year round, rain or shine. As a family, we all bike to and from school/work. It is my preferred mode of transportation (after walking) to stay fit and active without thinking about it. I deserve this new bike. My 7-gear #vanstael model is equipped with a practical front baggage carrier for my errands and sports equipment. The leather saddle and matching handgrips are both comfortable and stylish. But most of the all, I love its eye-catching pistache green color. These days, the skies are grey, but the bike is shining so bright. Who knew that this simple piece of upgraded equipment powered by my muscles would bring me so much joy (and good health)? I feel like a kid again and I am loving it.

My Gazelle Van Stael City Bike looking chill on a Berlin sidewalk

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