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Karen B.

Juliana has been a positive addition to my weekly routine. She is always ready to cheer me on. After years of no proper workout regime, I feel stronger and more confident.

Claire J.

Juliana is just lovely. She pushes you to your limit and always with a smile. She makes you think you can achieve more than you thought you could. If I could, I would choose to have Juliana train me again.

Laura G.

Juliana is an amazing coach that proposes a unique method to get back in touch with your body. Her CORE-GEOUS class helped me not only to improve my flexibility, but also to relieve tight muscles and back pain. I feel stronger and with more energy after each class. And the amazing thing is that these benefits do not stop there. Juliana teaches me how to apply what I have learned to my everyday life. Her class has allowed me to become more mindful about my body! An absolute must in my weekly exercise routine!

Kate G.

I was really impressed with Juliana's knowledge and how well she can assess an individual and form exercises to suit each person. She starts slowly but builds up quickly and never lets up on the pressure which is exactly what I needed.  She has a vast knowledge of the body physiology which she uses to correct posture, solve aches and pains etc. If you have a goal she will make it happen.

Marielle T.

Working with Juliana was fantastic! She really is professional and she knows her stuff. This is extremely important in order to avoid injuries. She's also very encouraging and I loved our weekly sessions!

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