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So You Want to Get Fit 2 Weeks Prior Xmas?

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Every holiday season, it's the same old story. Sweets, booze and carb-filled meals are everywhere. You are too tired to start any exercise. You whisper under your breath: "Oh well, 'Tis the season to feeling bloa-ted. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaa." As a Personal Trainer by day, and a human being by night, I totally relate to this issue. Here is what you do.

1. If you can't quit alcohol, no sweat! Pick your booze and stick with it. Try to drink as much water between takes as possible.

2. At parties, avoid cocktails (and finger food) at all costs. The hard combi of sugar, salt and alcohol will become the extra sneaky weight gain in January 2019.

3. Nourish your body with a healthy, protein-filled meal, prior and/or during the party.

4. Inject natural movement in your day as much as possible starting now. Walk, bike, run to catch the bus, lift your xmas gifts, take the stairs instead of the lift/escalator. Go out for a walk and talk, instead of texting your buddy. Walk to the sales department of your office instead of placing a call. Walk your neighbor's pet. You get my drift.

5. Spread the love baby. Put on some music and dance. If you have kids/nephews, play with them. Climb up the slide at the playground, carry the kids around on your back, teach them your retro choreographies (e.g., The Macarena).

6. Please get adequate rest. Plan both your parties and your recovery time.

Last but not least, be gentle to yourself. We all feel exhausted as the year ends. This is not the time for negative talk or to start an intense work-out regime. Just ride it out, enjoy this festive season and make realistic fitness and lifestyle plans for 2019.

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